Homemade Bacon Popcorn

I’m not putting a recipe card thing up for this. Just pop popcorn on the stovetop or in the microwave (in an approved popping container) but use bacon fat with crispy bits in it instead of oil or butter. Apply J&D’s bacon salt liberally. Enjoy.

Do you know what this tastes like? This tastes like that bacon popcorn you guys thought was disgusting.

Yeah, but it's actually bacony.

It's got a lot more flavour to it.

*coughing on the popcorn*

Is he choking?

It's probably just the bacon salt.

Well, Heineken just ate a piece, so we know the dog will eat it. Don't lick my feet right now, Wyatt!

It looks good.

*Begins coughing on the popcorn* Why am I coughing now?

Because you're breathing in the bacon salt.

So... I have to eat without breathing?


I really like this. This is way better than the Bacon Pop.

It actually has a bacon flavour to it.

And it's definitely not vegan.

What were your impressions before eating it?

Uhhh, that I miss that popcorn bowl...

We'll take it home.

Good. The other night I really wanted popcorn and I stormed into Allen's room and said, 'Where is the popcorn bowl?'

I think it was really nice; I really liked the contrast of the bacon salt against the whitey-ness of the popcorn.

Where did you get the bacon salt?


Do you remember in the mid 90's when they used to have Orville Reddenbaucher popcorn with the shaker flavour packs? THAT is what this looks like!

They had one that was Cinnabon - that shit was fucking gold, and then they stopped making it and I was like... uh... what? Where am I going to get my diabetes?!

*Reading the Bacon Salt ingredients, and then suddenly - to Wyatt* Uhhhh... Don't eat this.

Oh shit.

The bacon patrol is looking out for you today.

Uhh, are you going to die now?

No, I'm not going to die...

** ED: Wyatt is celiac. **

I will live on, in spite of myself.

Sorry about that.

It's okay- no worries.

Would you recommend this to anyone and, if so, in what circumstance?

Everyone, all the time.

People who like bacon and who like coughing while they eat.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to recommend this to celiacs because it contains gluten.

I think this is kosher, though, so I could recommend it to them... oh no, this isn't kosher.

It's definitely not kosher, because I cooked it in bacon fat.

Are you experiencing chest pain?




That's just your sports bra.

Go fuck yourself. I got it from the lost and found.

What, what, what?! You get your bras at the lost and found?!

Everything but my pants I got from there. I did not buy any of my clothes!

So, you're a thief slash hobo.

How does it taste?

It tastes...


Yeah! It tastes like bacon, like real bacon, not fake bacon!

Probably because of all the bacon grease.

I don't even notice the grease on it, so kudos to you for using the right amount of grease.

I'll be honest; I was skeptical when you said you were going to put in the little bacony crumb bits, but I think the bacony crumb bits are the things that make this.

Man, I'm going to make this over and over again. This is delicious.

If I had a bar, I would keep this stuff on the counter because it's salty enough that people would need more drinks, and it's delicious enough that people would keep coming back to eat more of it.


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