Double Dutch Thick Ripple Appetizers Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Chips

Bahahaha... 6 reasons you should consider being a cat.

Number one: Free food. Number two: free rent. Number five: toes look like beans!! haha, they do!

... what does that have to do with being a cat? Cats like beans?

No, look at them, they look like little beans. Your toes don't look like beans.

Oh, cat toes look like beans?



Is it time for fucking supper yet?

Oooh, bacon chips!

Double Dutch Thick Ripple Appetizers Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders Flavour.

Ohhh I didn't realize they were bacon cheeseburger flavour.

Yeah, they're not bacon-bacon, they're bacon-product-bacon

So, uh, how do they smell? Adam - tell us.

Like... um.. salt?

They look sort of like they're going to be cheese flavoured.

Yeah, they've got like an orang-y...

Melissa promptly knocks something over.

Mel's trashing the joint.


They don't smell very pleasant...

The chips taste a whole fucking lot like ketchup and mustard.

They do taste much like condiments.

Uhhh, so would anyone recommend these chips to anyone?

I would recommend them to someone who wanted ketchup chips, but also mustard.

They taste a bit like hotdogs.

They do taste like hotdogs! If you like hotdogs and you want hotdogs in a ripple-chip form... I wouldn't call them an appetizer, either.

Uhh.. he wouldn't eat it.

Bonus – we try the chips with J&Ds Baconnaise!

So, the baconnaise... it smells like - woah...


Yeah, it sort of smells like bacon dog treats, though.

Oh yeah, it totally does! Yum!

Hahaha, yum!

Like beggin' strips!

Okay, it tastes like...

Mmm, yum.

Jeez, yeah, it does really smell like bacon.

See, if we had regular chips...

Holy shit, wow.

It really doesn't taste too bad. It makes these chips actually taste more like bacon cheeseburger.

Yeah, adding the baconnaise is a big improvement.

So, double dutch plus baconnaise equals what double dutch should have made in the first place.

I'm not getting any enjoyment out of this product.

I like it. It's tangy.

*Gagging* Extreeeeemely salty! Holy fuck!

I think that's the point... woah, it is really salty.

It's more the ass flavour that's really throwing me off...

See, I applied mine with a knife, so I didn't get a big gob of it - I had a smooth layer. Once you have a smooth layer, and I recommend the knife to people...

A smooth layer of ass is better than a big glob of ass?

Oh totally, every time - hands down! I mean... I think I want to eat the baconnaise on toast.

Or turkey - like a turkey sandwich?

What is with... oh, no; we were talking about ham last week. But you mentioned turkey earlier.

I've been having an incredible craving for turkey lately. I just really want turkey.

It's not Christmas yet, Mel.

I know... why can't I have turkey every day?

So, uh, to be honest, ummm.. neither of these products is extremely good, but the baconnaise improves the chips ever so slightly in my opinion.

I agree.

I kinda want more of the baconnaise, but I don't know why because I don't actually like it.

Right?! It's not that great, but it...

I think we need to do a separate review of the baconnaise where we try a bunch of things, because now it's not fair because we're not testing it with a neutral product. This is already a flavoured thing. If we had regular chips and tried that...

Maybe this would taste better with the bacon dippers, because remember when we had the bacon ranch and the bacon dippers and it totally, it was really good?

Heineken won't even lick the flavour of these chips off my fingers.

This is just way too salty. It's damaged my brain.

Oh my god, the baconnaise on its own is absolutely disgusting.

If you taste it on the bacon chips it's not too bad, but if you taste it on its own it's kind of like shit.

Double dutch could have done better.

Fuck you, double dutch.

The baconnaise was grudgingly eaten.


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