Bacon Wrapped Sausages

For the purpose of this recipe, we used pre-cooked chicken sausages from Costco wrapped in bacon. We used slushie straws to core the sausages and then load them with cheddar cheese; but the cheese all came out during cooking. It was very sad. I cried a little. Anyways, we baked the bacon-wrapped sausages until the bacon was crispy. We baked them because SOMEBODY didn’t get any propane. You know who you are. Yes… You.

It seems to me that most of the cheese has melted out.

Oh my fuck, this is delicious!


I guess I'll have to admit that it was worth the wait... I guess.

I kinda want to use the bacon sauce on it again, but I'm afraid that could be overload.

No, I used that exclusively on it and it's fucking awesome.

Cheryl's right about the cheese coming all out of it, though, which is unfortunate.

Yeah, well, we will retry.

Does that mean... that the cheese... is on the bottom of the pan?


No, it probably would have pretty-much evaporated. The problem is with something like cheddar cheese, it will do that anyway. If you cook it for too long it will pretty-much just turn into oil.

You should have used cheese curds.

Yes, actually.

Or halloumi.

Ooooh, yes. Mmmm halloumi...


Usually what I do, when I'm making sausages on the BBQ, is I cook them and then I toast the buns, and then I toast the cheese into the bun.

Another thing, too, is that sliced - American - cheese would have worked better here too.

I wouldn't use sliced cheese, no... I use the same cheese as we use in this, I just can't think of another way to get the cheese in it.

We could use halloumi cheese, it won't melt and fall out.

It looked fantastic. It smelled unbelievable. At first I was skeptical that it might be too much, but no... just... it's really fucking good.

It's just... *sexy noise*...

I would make sexytimes with these sausages.

So, what's patchouli?

Uhhh, if you smell it, you'll think of hippies.

But, like, what does it smell like?


Have you ever been in the Black Market by pizza corner?


That smells like patchouli.


Man, that bacon shit is delicious.

That was the best sausage ever.

Yeah, it looked fantastic, smelled fantastic, and tasted fantastic. Definitely fantastic. Need to do again and change the cheese choice.

*Removes a piece of paper towel from her head which has been there for a half hour or more* Are you shitting me?!

... It's been there for the whole meal.

Ed.: Adam likes to put paper towel on Melissa’s head and see how long it takes her to notice. It takes a long time.

She's got no peripheral vision...

Mel will never be a pilot.

It's scary enough that she can drive.

Would the dog eat it?

Holy shit. This is the best meat log Adam's ever tried to feed me, and the first one I could bite without him getting mad!

Quote of the night:

I was supposed to be born in June, but then I killed and ate my own twin and came out in May... and I was like, super strong!

Second quote of the night:

She shot me in the dick last night! With a gun! With a Nerf gun!


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