Bacon Onion Rings

Recipe is not ours, but can be found here.

So I've gone ahead and started eating my onion ring.

*Gasp* How rude!

It's pretty good, and this bacon mayo is decent.


The onions have been, like, softened by bacon.

That is fucking incredible.

The smell and the visual appearance is incredible, so I'm pretty excited.

It's like a hot prostitute who's got great perfume, and then you have sex with her and she doesn't even have any STDs.

Mmm, yeah.

That happened.


Oh man, yeah, this is good. I actually have no complaints about this dish.

I wish it was a little crispier.

Yeah, actually, yeah... but even then.


Well, I mean, if we make this again - which I'm sure we will - we'll have to get them crispier. They said a minimum of an hour and a half, and these were cooked for just over an hour.

Yeah, longer at a low heat would make these amazing... Not that I'm not going to eat a second one...

Oh my god this is incredible.

The sriracha really helps.

There's sriracha on the onions? That's what that burn is.

I'm just amazed at how well it held together.

We'll have to do a separate review of this mayo, but it's really good on these onion rings - I like it.

Seriously, those rings are fucking amazing.

They're probably one of the most delicious things we've made.

Oh my god, so good.

Would the dog eat it?

Not only did he eat it, he demolished that damned onion.


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  1. I will truly need to try this, I love onions and bacon on my liver,,, saving the best for last usually. This combo sounded great!

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