Bacon Guacamole

We take you to today’s instalment of Adventures in Bacon in the midst of Adam trying to get a picture of the bacon guacamole. Everyone else wants to eat it already (and has been)…

Take the fucking photo already!

Just wait! Fucking pothead!


This is what we deal with every time there's a photo op because we want to eat the food but Adam wants it to be perfect.

I just want it to be decent!

Y'all are fucked up.

It's always decent.

Maaaaad decent.

This is not fucking Epic Meal Time. *puts bacon toast in the guac bowl in a decorative fashion*

No...this is you playing with your food now.


Now it looks like the guac has hair!

There's very little I have to contribute to this project, let me have this...please?

Make it look like a kitty!!

*arranges some more bread pieces*

It's a kiittty! (Ed: the guac does not look like a kitty at this or any point).

Fucking bacon grease! *takes photos* Alright - have at it!


Well, I already know it's delicious, but I'm going to eat it again so it can be freshly delicious.

I mean, really the major base here is Mel's awesome guacamole recipe.


Thank you.

I've never had your guacamole and been disappointed.

But there's definitely something to be said for the bacon.


Oh, yeah.

And the fact that we're using bacon-soaked bread to eat it with...

Yeah.. I was going to say I only did that that one time, but as I was saying it was doing it again.

*silence for a moment*

I believe overall silence to be an indicator of deliciousness.

Oh my god...this is fucking awesome.


I don't know how to describe it...umm.

It's like...garlicy, because I know Mel's really heavy on the garlic in the guac, which is amazing.

The bacon...just...I don't know...I like guacamole, but I've never loved it before.

Bacon adds texture, gives you something to chew have we never done this before?! I feel like this is something we should have figured out years ago!

Seriously, if you had this at a party it would be the first thing that is gone. Unless it's a party full of vegetarians.

In which case, they would be gone.

No, it would still be gone. They'd be like 'I don't know, I am a vegetarian...ahhhh come on, it's fuckin' bacon!'

It's mostly vegetables!

Yeah! Pigs eat vegetables, you are what you eat... therefore, pigs are vegetables.

Therefore, you are a pig.

That's some weird logic you've got there.


It works! Just don't think about it too much!

Heheheh, that's what she said.


That's two whatsasheesa, that'swhatsh, that's what she said fails in the last week.

They're usually more frequent than that, though; so if I've got like a 98% success rate, then I'm doing pretty good at this.

Oh man, this is good. Guacamole, I always find really hard to get the right salt balance... and this...this is spot on.

I didn't add any salt. It's just the salt in the bacon.

I think if you had added any salt it would be too salty.

But this is just that perfect point which is almost unattainable.

Sooo greasy.

Sooo tasty.

I can feel myself slowing down...bacon has a serious impact on my mental acuity.

Would the dog eat it?

Yes. Yes, he did.

Quote of the night:

Hey, I know this is kinda off topic, but is anyone else really concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Africa?

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