Bacon Candy

Who wants a palate cleansing bacon candy?

Ugh.. yeaahh...

It looks like... a big squeeze of toothpaste.

It looks kinda like a Campino candy.

It sure doesn't taste like a Campino candy.

Uhhh, the flavour's getting increasingly worse.

Oh my god, this is horrible.

It's worse when I wash it down with the clamato.

Ugh, clamato.

It's like, fake-smokey, sweet, tasting...

It's like creamy leather.

Oh my god, it says 'superior bacon flavour' and I don't want to know what they think is inferior because this is...

This tastes like untanned leather.

Yeah, like if you were chewing on rawhide I imagine that's what it would taste like, but this is sweeter.

Fuck this, I'm not finishing this.

*Begins chewing the candy*

CHEWING?! I'm not chewing that shit!

*To Adam* You're actually eating the whole thing?

I believe in this... business... website... this really stupid idea that we had.

Alright, I tasted a hickory sort of flavour for a few seconds, and then it just turned to stinky gummy terribleness.

Yeah, at first it was just a hint of Fake-con, and now it's just bad candy.

Aaack, get off my teeth!

It's like the pop rocks, it gets stuck to your teeth.

It hurts.

It's not nearly as bad a flavour as the pop rocks.

Oh no, not nearly.

Now it's just that bad sugar candy taste.

I would give this to the shitty kids on Halloween.


Yeah, but not tell them what it is.

*To Adam* lets keep these until Halloween. We can give them to the shitty kids.

Heineken, come!

The dog's not going to eat it. Don't give it to the dog.

*Offers Adam her half-eaten one* Give him this one.

Ah, yes.

Here, boy

He wants it... he clearly doesn't know what he wants.

What if he chokes on it?

He probably will.

Okay, Heineken is smelling it. He's putting it in his mouth. He's walking away with it.

Ahhh now he's chewing it. He keeps on dropping it out of his mouth, but he's eating it.

I wouldn't voluntarily eat these anymore, but for what it is it's perhaps one of the least offensive bacon flavoured things we've tried yet.

Mel's face says differently.

If I didn't know before that it was bacon candy I wouldn't have guessed.

It's definitely not very bacony.

Heineken, eat it!

Does he look happy?

He's not dead...

How does it taste?

It tasted fucking horrible. Do not eat these.

Would you recommend this to anyone and in what circumstances?

I'd give these to shitty kids on Halloween, but nobody else unless I really didn't like them.

Would the dog eat it?

He did. Eventually.

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