Accoutrements Bacon Wallet

Okay, so we've had pretty shitty luck with Accoutrements' products in general. They smell like shoe polish or - in the case of the air freshener - stale farts. They taste like... Jesus... I don't know what they taste like. Some kind of horrible fake smoke fake everything fake gross horrible product. So, why would I keep buying them? Well, friends, the answer is simple: for science.

So, having tried all the food products they produced, and some non-food products, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across an Accoutrements bacon wallet. "But Allen," you say, "surely that is not for eating!" Well, my friends, like I said earlier - I am doing this for science. I present you with the bacon wallet video review.

This was by far the best tasting accoutrements product I've ever tried.



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