Sizzling Bacon Candy

When I think of Bacon, I think of candy that explodes in one’s mouth like a highschool football player on prom night. Fortunately, thanks to Accoutrements LLC of Seattle USA, my thoughts are not in vain. 


What is your first impression from the product (before tasting)?

It looks like Himalayan pink rock salt, but knowing someone who's eaten this before - I'm scared.

It looks like bath salts. *to Cheryl* I'm the stoner of the group.

 It does look like bath salts... and it does smell kinda like bacon.

How was it?

 *grimacing* My mouth is unhappy.

 It tastes like a pig came in my mouth.

 That's not what that tastes like.

 I kinda like it. It tastes like campfire.

 It tastes like ham kind of.

 It does taste like ham. It tastes like when your mom buys that ham for like 49c/LB when it goes on sale, and she overcooks it and its all dry and you eat it and you're like 'man that's dry' and you're still eating it five days later, and THATS WHAT IT TASTES LIKE ON THE FIFTH DAY.

It certainly doesn't taste like bath salts.

 Now we'll see if the dog will eat it.

*eating more of it* Man, this is good.

 *staring at Mel*... are you serious? You're eating that?

 I'm telling you guys, this stuff is really good! *gets a spoon and begins eating the rest of it*

 Fortune favours the bold. And in this case, bacon also favours the bold. Hashtag.

Would you recommend this product to anyone and, if so, in what circumstance?

 If someone told me they wanted to lick the bottom of a well-used BBQ, I would tell them to go ahead and purchase this product as a reasonable alternative.

 Oh god, I can still taste it.

 *Eating a bunch of it* Oh totally, my jewish friend John, I would totally recommend this to him, because I've been checking the ingredients and it's totally Kosher and he's never tried ham or bacon, and this is a way for him to enjoy the taste of ham or bacon and also have it pop and crack in his mouth.

Would the dog eat it?

 He did. He hesitated when it started to pop, but he ate it.


Sizzling Bacon Candy

Mel has requested an addendum:

**NOTE** Do not drink pina colada right after eating this candy. This is horrible. God, what have I done.

*laughing*: You enjoyed having a pig cum in your mouth.


Learn more about this product on the manufacturers website here

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