Mott’s Clamato Caesar with Bacon Vodka

What is your first impression from the product (before tasting)?

 Who the fuck drinks clams?

I bought this at the liquor store, and it was the one time I've been ashamed to make a purchase there. I didn't want anyone to see me buying it.

It looks like menstrual fluid.

How was it?

If I have to drink clam juice, it's not a bad way of doing it. Then again, that's like saying: if I have to drill spikes into my eyes, I'd like them to be very small spikes.

 It's not as bad I was expecting. It has a bit of a bacony smell... but... I'm not getting much bacon.

This stuff does not like ovaries. Seriously, it tastes like gespacho. I taste no booze, no bacon, just misery. Red, cold, misery. Slightly textured. Textured misery.

Caesar with Bacon Vodka?

Would you recommend this product to anyone and, if so, in what circumstance?

If someone asked me 'do you know how I can go about drinking some clams today with a hint of smokey flavour?' I would probably suggest this. Also, if I wanted them to hate me.

If someone had consumed poison and we needed to induce vomiting.

As a joking circumstance. I would tell them it's really delicious, and then I would laugh as they drank it.

Will the dog drink it? 

No. No he will not.

Bacon Vodka - should it exist?

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