J&D’s Bacon Pop (Popcorn)

We ate the popcorn before we had a chance to make determinations on what it would be like without eating it.

How is it?

It's just like popcorn, it's just tastes saltier, and maybe a bit greasier.

 it just takes like popcorn.. saltier, but just popcorn.

If you take a big handful you can get a bacon flavour.

The bacon flavour is so subtle, you have to take a big handful of it or else you lose it in the fluffiness of the popcorn.

Will the dog eat it?

Of course the dog will eat it

The only thing I've seen him not eat was a carrot.

He didn't eat... what was that bacon thing


Right, Clamato with bacon he wouldn't eat.

Wow. He didn't eat it. He loves popcorn.

There's a flavour in here I can recognize... I don't know what it is..

Liquid smoke

That's exactly what it is.

Wait, this is safe for vegans and vegetarians?

Would you recommend this product to anyone, and if so – in what circumstances?

No, because it just tastes like popcorn. If you wanted popcorn and this is all you could find, then sure. But if you're looking for bacon flavoured popcorn, look elsewhere. You'd probably get better tasting popcorn if you took bacon grease and poured it over the popcorn... we should try that. Anything that's safe for vegans and vegetarians has no right to be affiliated with bacon.

Yeah, I would recommend this to somebody who wants popcorn who is just a little unusual. I mean it's good popcorn, I would eat this popcorn over movie theatre popcorn, which to me was the best popcorn up until just now. It's like a salty heaven of corn that I'm going to pass tomorrow. But I would, I would go out and purchase this popcorn again.

Meh. It's alright, I wouldn't dive in front of a microwave to stop someone eating it.

Would the dog eat it?

No, surprisingly he didn't like it.


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