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South Western: Guacamole, Oulton's double smoked bacon, jalapeno, haystack onions, lettuce, tomaco, spicy Monterey jack. Added extra bacon.

South Western: Guacamole, Oulton’s double smoked bacon, jalapeno, haystack onions, lettuce, tomaco, spicy Monterey jack. Added extra bacon.

How does it look?

It looks sturdy. It doesn't look like it's going to fall to shit in my hands.

So... not like a Big Mac.

How does it smell?

You can smell the combination of the jalapeños and the bacon...mmm.

Mine smells like...pork...the pulled pork smell is sort of taking over the whole thing.

How does it taste?

The bacon is thick and crispy.

That's what she said.

...that doesn't work.

The jalapeños and the guacamole is a good balance; you've got the spiciness of the jalapeños with the sweetness of the guacamole. Good balance. It's got a decent level of bacon, but I'd like to see more.

And you did get extra bacon, right?

Yeah, if I ordered it again I would get double extra bacon.

Allen, how's your burger? It must be hard to follow up the Cheese Curds one.

It's a totally different structure. The Cheese Curds one was falling apart from the amount of grease and the butter-soaked bun. This one is solid, in good shape, and is holding up nicely. The pulled pork is like cement, holding this block of food together.

Can we do Mel's sober burger review?

Yeah, totally.

There's a first time for everything.

Full disclosure - I'm sober...so apologies in advance if this doesn't make any sense.

On Canada Day!

Okay, I smoked earlier...but...and well...I drank that wine.

Full disclosure, I don't know what I'm talking about.

I like how you took your pills this morning with wine.

Haha, yeah.

So, I had the nutty professor burger with poutine; I made no changes or substitutions.

Nutty Professor: Peanut butter, Oulton's double smoked bacon, Jalapenos, onion.

Nutty Professor: Peanut butter, Oulton’s double smoked bacon, Jalapenos, onion.


Did it have sufficient bacon?

 Don't put words in my mouth, put bacon in my mouth!

Anyways, I'm getting to it; I'm going to start with the poutine. I first had poutine in Quebec City in February of 2011. Since then, the poutine bar for me has been really really high. This poutine didn't make it, but it was still pretty good.

You mean you didn't have poutine until 3 years ago?

Yeah, I wanted it to be authentic. Like, I've never eaten snails before, but if I go to France, I'll eat snails there. Authentic.

The burger...first of all, the burger itself was the true star of the show. Really full of beefy flavour, salt and pepper seasoning, it was delicious.

I loved everything about this burger. The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have peanut-buttered both sides of the bun - you know, the little bun pieces, and I would have put the toppings on both sides as well. It was like, burger bottom, jalapeños and onions, patty, bacon, peanut butter, bun. I feel like if the things were on both sides...you know...surrounding the burger...it was really good. It danced around in my mouth; I just wish it had been mixed around a bit more before it danced in my mouth. Like, if I put it in a blender and then ate it on crackers...that would be delicious.

Going forward, I will order it again, I will just ask for extra peanut butter...and extra bacon.

Yeah, it's only a dollar fifty for extra bacon.

Yeah, I'll need to get extra next time because the combination of the peanut butter and the bacon is just fabulous, and the burger itself was so amazing it would have just propelled it.

I just wish...I just wish these places were licensed...I could really use a beer with my burger. It's 30 degrees out, on Canada Day; having to drink Sprite with a delicious burger is just sad.

Curds is licensed.

Yeah, I think Relish is too.

Well...hmm, I guess it's just a knock against this place... it would just be nice.

The question is: should Flip Burger cater our wedding?

No man, you should get Habaneros to. Get them to bring the Gecko Bus.

 Or we can have a shawarma bar.

*Passionately attacks Adam's face*

 I guess it was meant to be.

Three Little Pigs: Pulled pork, peameal bacon, Oulton's double smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar cheese, and chipotle mayo. Subbed peameal bacon for more double-smoked bacon, added jalapenos and pickles.

Three Little Pigs: Pulled pork, peameal bacon, Oulton’s double smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar cheese, and chipotle mayo. Subbed peameal bacon for more double-smoked bacon, added jalapenos and pickles.

Anyways, my burger was really good. I had to sub out the peameal bacon because it's just fucking ham, not bacon. So, I subbed it for more bacon. I didn't add any extra bacon beyond that, and it also had pulled pork on it. It was a solid burger, not falling apart at all (that's my one criticism against Curds, but I fucking love Curds). I'm glad I got the jalapeño and pickle, as it needed the bite to cut through the meat.

So, it was delicious. Would repeat...but I'm going to take the challenge next time I come.

I could totally do the challenge.


No, you couldn't.

I bet you I could!

We'll have to set this up...a challenge day!

Would the dog eat it?

I don't get to go to restaurants 🙁


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