Bacon Wrapped Sausages

For the purpose of this recipe, we used pre-cooked chicken sausages from Costco wrapped in bacon. We used slushie straws to core the sausages and then load them with cheddar cheese; but the cheese all came out during cooking. It was very sad. I cried a little. Anyways, we baked the bacon-wrapped sausages until the bacon was crispy. We baked them because SOMEBODY didn’t get any propane. You know who you are. Yes… You.

[sc:c content=”It seems to me that most of the cheese has melted out.”] [sc:al content=”Oh my fuck, this is delicious!”] [sc:m content=”Mmhmm.”] [sc:c content=”I guess I’ll have to admit that it was worth the wait… I guess.”] [sc:c content=”I kinda want to use the bacon sauce on it again, but I’m afraid that could be overload.”] [sc:al content=”No, I used that exclusively on it and it’s fucking awesome.”] [sc:ap content=”Cheryl’s right about the cheese coming all out of it, though, which is unfortunate.”] [sc:al content=”Yeah, well, we will retry.”] [sc:m content=”Does that mean… that the cheese… is on the bottom of the pan?”] [sc:al content=”No.”] [sc:c content=”No, it probably would have pretty-much evaporated. The problem is with something like cheddar cheese, it will do that anyway. If you cook it for too long it will pretty-much just turn into oil.”] [sc:m content=”You should have used cheese curds.”] [sc:c content=”Yes, actually.”] [sc:ap content=”Or halloumi.”] [sc:c content=”Ooooh, yes. Mmmm halloumi…”] [sc:m content=”Mmmmm.”] [sc:al content=”Usually what I do, when I’m making sausages on the BBQ, is I cook them and then I toast the buns, and then I toast the cheese into the bun.”] [sc:c content=”Another thing, too, is that sliced – American – cheese would have worked better here too.”] [sc:al content=”I wouldn’t use sliced cheese, no… I use the same cheese as we use in this, I just can’t think of another way to get the cheese in it.”] [sc:ap content=”We could use halloumi cheese, it won’t melt and fall out.”] [sc:al content=”It looked fantastic. It smelled unbelievable. At first I was skeptical that it might be too much, but no… just… it’s really fucking good.”] [sc:c content=”It’s just… *sexy noise*…”] [sc:ap content=”I would make sexytimes with these sausages.”] [sc:al content=”So, what’s patchouli?”] [sc:c content=”Uhhh, if you smell it, you’ll think of hippies.”] [sc:al content=”But, like, what does it smell like?”] [sc:m content=”Hippies.”] [sc:c content=”Have you ever been in the Black Market by pizza corner?”] [sc:al content=”Yeah.”] [sc:c content=”That smells like patchouli.”] [sc:al content=”Oh.”] [sc:c content=”Man, that bacon shit is delicious.”] [sc:al content=”That was the best sausage ever.”] [sc:ap content=”Yeah, it looked fantastic, smelled fantastic, and tasted fantastic. Definitely fantastic. Need to do again and change the cheese choice.”] [sc:m content=”*Removes a piece of paper towel from her head which has been there for a half hour or more* Are you shitting me?!”] [sc:al content=”… It’s been there for the whole meal.”]

Ed.: Adam likes to put paper towel on Melissa’s head and see how long it takes her to notice. It takes a long time.

[sc:al content=”She’s got no peripheral vision…”] [sc:c content=”Mel will never be a pilot.”] [sc:al content=”It’s scary enough that she can drive.”]

Would the dog eat it?

[sc:dog][sc:bubble content=”Holy shit. This is the best meat log Adam’s ever tried to feed me, and the first one I could bite without him getting mad!”]

Quote of the night:

[sc:c content=”I was supposed to be born in June, but then I killed and ate my own twin and came out in May… and I was like, super strong!”]

Second quote of the night:

[sc:al content=”She shot me in the dick last night! With a gun! With a Nerf gun!”]


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