Bacon Guacamole

We take you to today’s instalment of Adventures in Bacon in the midst of Adam trying to get a picture of the bacon guacamole. Everyone else wants to eat it already (and has been)…

[sc:m content=”Take the fucking photo already!”] [sc:al content=”Just wait! Fucking pothead!”] [sc:c content=”*laughter*”] [sc:ap content=”This is what we deal with every time there’s a photo op because we want to eat the food but Adam wants it to be perfect.”] [sc:al content=”I just want it to be decent!”] [sc:c content=”Y’all are fucked up.”] [sc:m content=”It’s always decent.”] [sc:ap content=”Maaaaad decent.”] [sc:al content=”This is not fucking Epic Meal Time. *puts bacon toast in the guac bowl in a decorative fashion*”] [sc:ap content=”No…this is you playing with your food now.”] [sc:al content=”*sigh*”] [sc:m content=”Now it looks like the guac has hair!”] [sc:al content=”There’s very little I have to contribute to this project, let me have this…please?”] [sc:c content=”Make it look like a kitty!!”] [sc:al content=”*arranges some more bread pieces*”] [sc:c content=”It’s a kiittty! (Ed: the guac does not look like a kitty at this or any point).”] [sc:al content=”Fucking bacon grease! *takes photos* Alright – have at it!”] [sc:ap content=”Alright!”] [sc:c content=”Well, I already know it’s delicious, but I’m going to eat it again so it can be freshly delicious.”] [sc:c content=”I mean, really the major base here is Mel’s awesome guacamole recipe.”] [sc:ap content=”Yeah.”] [sc:m content=”Thank you.”] [sc:c content=”I’ve never had your guacamole and been disappointed.”] [sc:ap content=”But there’s definitely something to be said for the bacon.”] [sc:m content=”Mmmmm.”] [sc:c content=”Oh, yeah.”] [sc:ap content=”And the fact that we’re using bacon-soaked bread to eat it with…”] [sc:c content=”Yeah.. I was going to say I only did that that one time, but as I was saying it was doing it again.”]

*silence for a moment*

[sc:c content=”I believe overall silence to be an indicator of deliciousness.”] [sc:al content=”Oh my god…this is fucking awesome.”] [sc:ap content=”Mmmmhmmmm.”] [sc:al content=”I don’t know how to describe it…umm.”] [sc:ap content=”It’s like…garlicy, because I know Mel’s really heavy on the garlic in the guac, which is amazing.”] [sc:al content=”The bacon…just…I don’t know…I like guacamole, but I’ve never loved it before.”] [sc:c content=”Bacon adds texture, gives you something to chew on…how have we never done this before?! I feel like this is something we should have figured out years ago!”] [sc:c content=”Seriously, if you had this at a party it would be the first thing that is gone. Unless it’s a party full of vegetarians.”] [sc:al content=”In which case, they would be gone.”] [sc:ap content=”No, it would still be gone. They’d be like ‘I don’t know, I am a vegetarian…ahhhh come on, it’s fuckin’ bacon!'”] [sc:c content=”It’s mostly vegetables!”] [sc:ap content=”Yeah! Pigs eat vegetables, you are what you eat… therefore, pigs are vegetables.”] [sc:al content=”Therefore, you are a pig.”] [sc:c content=”That’s some weird logic you’ve got there.”] [sc:ap content=”Mmmhmm.”] [sc:al content=”It works! Just don’t think about it too much!”] [sc:c content=”Heheheh, that’s what she said.”] [sc:c content=”*pauses* Wait…no…no.”] [sc:al content=”That’s two whatsasheesa, that’swhatsh, that’s what she said fails in the last week.”] [sc:c content=”They’re usually more frequent than that, though; so if I’ve got like a 98% success rate, then I’m doing pretty good at this.”] [sc:ap content=”Oh man, this is good. Guacamole, I always find really hard to get the right salt balance… and this…this is just…like…fucking… spot on.”] [sc:m content=”I didn’t add any salt. It’s just the salt in the bacon.”] [sc:c content=”I think if you had added any salt it would be too salty.”] [sc:ap content=”But this is just that perfect point which is almost unattainable.”] [sc:al content=”Sooo greasy.”] [sc:ap content=”Sooo tasty.”] [sc:c content=”I can feel myself slowing down…bacon has a serious impact on my mental acuity.”]

Would the dog eat it?

[sc:dog][sc:bubble content=”Yes. Yes, he did.”]

Quote of the night:

[sc:m content=”Hey, I know this is kinda off topic, but is anyone else really concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Africa?”] [rev_slider guac]

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