Bacon Candy

[sc:ap content=”Who wants a palate cleansing bacon candy?”] [sc:al content=”Ugh.. yeaahh…”] [sc:c content=”It looks like… a big squeeze of toothpaste.”] [sc:w content=”It looks kinda like a Campino candy.”] [sc:al content=”It sure doesn’t taste like a Campino candy.”] [sc:c content=”Uhhh, the flavour’s getting increasingly worse.”] [sc:m content=”Oh my god, this is horrible.”] [sc:w content=”It’s worse when I wash it down with the clamato.”] [sc:m content=”Ugh, clamato.”] [sc:ap content=”It’s like, fake-smokey, sweet, tasting…”] [sc:c content=”It’s like creamy leather.”] [sc:m content=”Oh my god, it says ‘superior bacon flavour’ and I don’t want to know what they think is inferior because this is…”] [sc:w content=”This tastes like untanned leather.”] [sc:c content=”Yeah, like if you were chewing on rawhide I imagine that’s what it would taste like, but this is sweeter.”] [sc:m content=”Fuck this, I’m not finishing this.”] [sc:al content=”*Begins chewing the candy*”] [sc:m content=”CHEWING?! I’m not chewing that shit!”] [sc:c content=”*To Adam* You’re actually eating the whole thing?”] [sc:al content=”I believe in this… business… website… this really stupid idea that we had.”] [sc:al content=”Alright, I tasted a hickory sort of flavour for a few seconds, and then it just turned to stinky gummy terribleness.”] [sc:ap content=”Yeah, at first it was just a hint of Fake-con, and now it’s just bad candy.”] [sc:al content=”Aaack, get off my teeth!”] [sc:c content=”It’s like the pop rocks, it gets stuck to your teeth.”] [sc:al content=”It hurts.”] [sc:ap content=”It’s not nearly as bad a flavour as the pop rocks.”] [sc:al content=”Oh no, not nearly.”] [sc:ap content=”Now it’s just that bad sugar candy taste.”] [sc:m content=”I would give this to the shitty kids on Halloween.”] [sc:ap content=”Yeah.”] [sc:c content=”Yeah, but not tell them what it is.”] [sc:m content=”*To Adam* lets keep these until Halloween. We can give them to the shitty kids.”] [sc:al content=”Heineken, come!”] [sc:m content=”The dog’s not going to eat it. Don’t give it to the dog.”] [sc:c content=”*Offers Adam her half-eaten one* Give him this one.”] [sc:al content=”Ah, yes.”] [sc:ap content=”Here, boy”] [sc:c content=”He wants it… he clearly doesn’t know what he wants.”] [sc:m content=”What if he chokes on it?”] [sc:c content=”He probably will.”] [sc:c content=”Okay, Heineken is smelling it. He’s putting it in his mouth. He’s walking away with it.”] [sc:al content=”Ahhh now he’s chewing it. He keeps on dropping it out of his mouth, but he’s eating it.”] [sc:ap content=”I wouldn’t voluntarily eat these anymore, but for what it is it’s perhaps one of the least offensive bacon flavoured things we’ve tried yet.”] [sc:c content=”Mel’s face says differently.”] [sc:w content=”If I didn’t know before that it was bacon candy I wouldn’t have guessed.”] [sc:c content=”It’s definitely not very bacony.”] [sc:al content=”Heineken, eat it!”] [sc:c content=”Does he look happy?”] [sc:al content=”He’s not dead…”]

How does it taste?

[sc:ap content=”It tasted fucking horrible. Do not eat these.”]

Would you recommend this to anyone and in what circumstances?

[sc:m content=”I’d give these to shitty kids on Halloween, but nobody else unless I really didn’t like them.”]

Would the dog eat it?

[sc:dog][sc:bubble content=”He did. Eventually.”]

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