Bacon Balm

What is your first impression from the product (before tasting)?

 I expected it would taste like bacon, and smell like bacon, and offend the senses in many other ways.  
 I didn’t know what to expect… the smell is extremely potent, it definitely smelled bacon-like.
 This is going to be on par with a 50c chapstick you pick up at a truck stop when you forget your good lip balm and your lips are all fucked up because you’re an addict.

How was it?

Flavourless, smells like smoke, and feels nasty.

To its credit, it looks and feels like I rubbed bacon grease on my lips.

Bad application. Not very smooth. I got no bacon.

Bacon Balm application

Would you recommend this product to anyone and, if so, in what circumstance?

I would recommend nothing about this experience. I don't know why Adam bought this shit.

Genuinely no. It's really bad.

I would give it to my enemies... or as secret santa.

Do your lips feel soft and supple?

I'm upset by this.

They feel like shame and regret

Yeah, but mine always do.

Did the dog eat it?

Yes. He did. 

Bacon Balm - not the bomb.

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